Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals that are mined from the earth and have been widely used in the building construction industry.

Asbestos Regulations

Exposure to these airborne fibers has been shown to have unique health effects on people and, as a result, asbestos containing materials are regulated by the Texas Department of State Health Services in the Texas Asbestos Health Protection Rules. The State Regulations apply to the inside space of a commercial building used or to be used for purposes that provide for public access.

Commercial public buildings include schools, retail stores, office buildings, hospitals and medical offices. They also include apartment buildings with more than four dwelling units. Single family residential structures are excluded from the State regulations but may still contain the fibrous materials in the building structure. State regulations require all public building owners to complete a thorough survey of the building prior to disturbing any materials inside. Your local city code compliance and permitting offices are directly responsible to enforce the Asbestos Regulations and will require a report for a property prior to issuing a demolition, renovation, or remodeling permit.


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